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4 REEL CLEANER® 8 oz Consumer Strength


Perfect for cleaning, maintaining and prolonging the life of the most high-end fishing equipment.


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4 REEL CLEANER® 8 oz. Consumer Strength

Easy Maintenance — Spray and Forget!
A day on the water can take its toll on your fishing doesn’t it make sense to protect them for as long as you can?
Now you can – quickly, easily and without environmentally harmful chemicals. Just spray on 4 Reel Cleaner® each time after use and you’ll dramatically extend the lifetime of any reel – just spray on and forget!
Used by professional reel repair shops, 4 Reel Cleaner® is an all new, self-rinsing, environmentally safe and powerful fishing reel, rod and tackle cleaner. 4 Reel Cleaner® eliminates harmful salt spray, stains, mold, grit, blood and even removes grime buildup and lingering odors.
For a Clean Catch™
4 Reel Cleaner® is a peroxide-based cleaner formulated with hydrogen peroxide and orange oil which makes for a powerful cleaner while also being environmentally responsible. It contains the oxygen activated cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide and natural orange oil combined to yield a truly remarkable, biodegradable, multi-surface cleaner and deodorizer. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes grit, stains, blood and salts, and destroys odor while the orange oil penetrates and emulsifies oil, grease and leaves a pleasant orange scent.
4 Reel Cleaner
® is safe on all fishing line. Using Braid, Mono or Fly lines no problem! Spray 4 Reel Cleaner® on your line prior to use and see the difference. It actually cleans and conditions mono.


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  • Model: Consumer Strength
  • Manufacturer: 4 REEL PRODUCTS

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