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SCUBA CLEAN™ 24oz. Concentrate


Professional care for critical scuba equipment and diving accessories


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SCUBA CLEAN™  24oz. Concentrate
All New: Toxin-Free, Environmentally Friendly, water-soluble; yet a powerful and remarkable cleaner for all scuba equipment.

4 Reel SCUBA CLEAN TM REMOVES salt, chlorine, bacteria, odors and organic residue. CLEANS, DEODORIZES and EXTENDS the life of ALL your scuba equipment. Neoprene and Lycra gear smells fresher, stays supple and lasts longer. ELIMINATES; stains, mold, mildew, grime, blood and salt. Also, removes oily build-up, grease and lingering odors.

Easy Maintenance — Combine 1/2 oz. of 4 Reel Scuba Clean™ Concentrate per gallon of fresh water. Submerge equipment, soak, rinse & dry. 
For a Clean Dive! try 4 Reel Scuba Clean

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  • Model: Concentrate
  • Manufacturer: 4 REEL PRODUCTS

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