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RC Cleaner 24 oz.


Perfect for cleaning, maintaining and prolonging the life of the most high-end RC Equipment. For Clean Fun try RC CLEANER


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RC Cleaner™ 24 oz. 

All NEW: Toxin-Free, environmentally friendly, water-soluble; yet a powerful and remarkable cleaner for RC model surfaces. ELIMINATES stains, mud, mold, grime, salt, removes oily buildup and fuel all without damaging your RC vehicles.

LEANS and PROLONGS the appearance of all your RC boats, cars, and aircraft. Apply and let it sit for a few seconds then wipe dry. For heavy duty grease, stains or grime buildup use a soft brush. RC CLEANER™ is self-rinsing so it’s not necessary to soak.

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  • Model: RC Cleaner 24 oz.
  • Manufacturer: 4 REEL PRODUCTS

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